Software Engineer • Nov, 2021 — Present

Working as part of the Real-Time Bidding team, which handles crucial systems of the company and ensures some of them are able to handle millions of requests per second.


Software Engineer • Oct, 2020 — Oct, 2021

Worked as part of a team that handles a big part of Klarna's core Erlang system.

  • Maintained the legacy code and updatied the business logic to provide for our stakeholders' necessities.
  • Helped design and implement API endpoints for our stakeholders to interact with in a system-agnostic way, in addition to working on its analogous event stream where the state changes were published.



Organizer • April 2021 — Present

I am helping organize SpawnFest, a 10-year old event that is well-known in the BEAM community. This includes getting in touch with sponsors, helping the event get to an even wider audience and updating the official website, among other things.

Erlang Ecosystem Foundation

Working Group member • September 2020 — Present

I am a member of two working groups, where we work towards specific goals:

  • Build and Packaging: I help to evolve the tools in the ecosystem related to building, documenting, and deploying code, with a strong focus on interoperability between BEAM languages.
  • Education: I help facilitate and evolve education and training and consolidate educational material(s) for all BEAM languages and the BEAM itself.


Universidade da Coruña

Bachelor of Science, Computer Engineering • 2015 — 2020

  • Best University-Level Project under a Free Licence

Thesis: Extending a property-based testing tool with parallel and distributed execution

I extended PropEr with parallel and distributed execution in order to improve its execution times. I also measured the obtainable speedup in projects that had big property tests when ran both in a single powerful machine and in a cluster.



Best University-Level Project under a Free Licence


Awarded for the work on my Bachelor's Thesis, "Extending a property-based testing tool with parallel and distributed execution".


Technical skills

Erlang, Elixir, Test-Driven Development, Property-Based Testing, Linux, CI/CD, PostgreSQL, LaTeX


Full professional proficiency